For All The Beautiful Men Out There

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to be a man? Personally I can’t stand the thought. My husband reassures me that it isn’t all that bad, but sometimes he says it can be difficult, just like it is for women, in terms of keeping up to date with fashion and staying on trend.

My husband is very conscious of his looks and what he wears, so much so that he is usually one to jump head first into a new trend, months before it has picked up any momentum or credence. One example of this is the beard trend.

Almost five years ago now, was when he first decided to grow out his facial hair, long before it became so incredibly popular. Although his has more heavy stubble now rather than a beard, he is still a big fan of a lot of the products he ended up using during his beard days.

washing beard

One of which is something called a beard wash. He sings this stuffs praises every single day it seems, and is still using it to this day despite his distinct lack of beard.

It is essentially a shampoo for your beard, that cleans and conditions it, leaving it feeling extra fresh and smelling amazing (my opinion, not his!).

You’re now probably wondering which wash he’s used in the past, and which one he recommends. Oddly enough, he ended up settling on one he’d purchase from abroad. Italy in fact. Out there they call it shampoo da barba, and he’s always said the Italians are the best at making it.

That’s his two cents, and the end of my latest blog post. I hope it proved to be an engaging read and I hope to see before not too long.