Is There Anything Bentonite Clay Can’t Do?

My passion is beauty accessories so it’s safe to say that I’m always aware and on top of new products as and when they come out. One that has been around for a good few years now, and hasn’t waned in popularity one iota is bentonite clay, or what some call Indian healing clay. It comes in powdered form and has such a huge number of various uses that I think I’ve lost count.

In the next few paragraphs I’ll try and explain the product in as much detail as possible and tell you all about the different ways in which you can use it.

So, as I said it comes in a powdered form. It’s mainly bought to be used as a clay mask. This is something you can easily make yourself at home.

All you have to do is place a small amount of the clay in a mixing bowl. Next you add a tiny amount of water to the powder and mix the two together until you have something that has a consistency that is similar to paste. Once this is done you’re ready to go.

bentonite & indian healing clay

All you have to do now is apply to the paste to your face (or anything other part of your body if you like) and wait for it to dry. This can take up to about 30 minutes. Once this is over you want to rinse the clay off your face with water. Warm water is usually best for this.

A lot of you may be wondering what the point of all of this is. Well, once you rinse the mask off your face you’ll exactly why people do it. Your skin on your face will feel completely rejuvenated and fresh. Trust me, there’s no feeling like it.

This is hands down the most popular use of the clay, but as I said there are others. For example you can add some of the powder to your bath. Although this doesn’t look particularly clean or hygienic it definitely makes for a very relaxing bath and does a very good job of softening your skin.

It also has strong health (as well as beauty) benefits. I haven’t tested this myself but apparently Bentonite and Indian healing clay can really improve your digestion. Whats the best way to ingest the powder? Good question. You can simply add a small amount of it to a glass of water and drink one of them a day. I’ve heard of people doing this and experiencing significant improvements in their overall digestion.