My Boyfriend’s New Moustache

Just like any other health and beauty blog, it wouldn’t really be fair for me to write content that is specifically for women and women only. Because of that, and because this blog is really still in it’s infancy, I wanted to write something applicable to men.

We all know that beards, moustaches and general facial hair all seem to be ‘in’ at the moment and are pretty darn fashionable.

So much so that even my boyfriend has taken on a moustache. He really isn’t the type to follow fashion, but he began to notice that facial hair was becoming more and more commonplace, and even allowable in the workplace. To begin with he decided to grow a moustache rather than starting with a full on beard.

It’s roughly 4 months since he began, and his moustache is very large and thick now. In fact he looks a bit like Tom Selleck! What he didn’t realise when he set out is that moustaches actually need a great deal of attention and care from time to time. Everything from combing to washing to brushing to moisturising is needed almost on a daily basis.

Tom Selleck Moustache

Some of these things he can do fairly cheaply, but others do burn a slight hole in his pocket. Sometimes he tells me that he wouldn’t have bothered to grow a moustache if he’d known that it was going to cost so much money.

Luckily he began using a certain wax on it and he found this kept it clean, smelling nice, and also (as it was wax) helped him to shape and style it whenever he wanted. Some of them were available to buy in different cases and containers, but eventually he found one that was a tin sized moustache wax. He really likes having it in a tin as it means he slip it into his pocket and take it with him wherever he goes. Which of course means he can use it whenever he wants, as long as he has a mirror nearby.

You can trust his word – It really is a great accessory if your tash is getting a bit too big to handle.