Revitalise Your Skin With The Help of Phytoceramides

Hello trusty Mattox readers. It certainly has been a long time, but I’m back to tell you that I will be sticking around a bit longer this time. A lot of people were asking me what I planned on writing about as my comeback article. Let me tell you, it certainly wasn’t easy deciding upon one particular subject to talk about, but I got there in the end.

I decided I’d write about another product that I’d tried recently – one which I actually thought did a really good job and exactly what it suggested it would do. Any guesses so far? Ok I’ll give you a clue. It’s a product that is supposed to help you with your skin. It’s supposed to make it look clearer, more youthful and help prevent wrinkles. Any ideas?
Ok, I’ll give you one more clue. It comes in a supplement form.

Still don’t know it. It’s phytoceramides of course! These little pills have suddenly become all the rage, especially in the last year or so. I have no idea what the cause of this has been. Perhaps they were featured on a popular tv show like Dr. Oz or something.

Either way, I was skeptical about trying them, as I always am when it comes to products that claim to have miracle powers of healing. I was even more skeptical than usual when it came to this product too as I’m quite sensitive about my face.

reducing wrinkles

I’ll be the first to admit, that the years haven’t been too kind to me, and especially in the last five years some big wrinkles have started to form on my face. That’s why I was reluctant to try out the phytoceramides. I’ve tried so many different face creams, serums and even supplements that purported to make my skin look healthier and revitalised, but all of them have inevitably disappointed me.

So, what was my verdict after trying the phytoceramides? I was actually pleasantly surprised. Unlike all the other so-called face revitalisers, this one did actually have an effect on me. After a couple of weeks of taking them my skin felt fresher and I noticed that my wrinkles were reducing slightly. If you’re thinking about buying some sort of supplement to help you with your skin, then my only piece of advice is that phytoceramides should definitely be your first port of call.